MwS deckreu US

"Mkondo wa Simba Next Generation American Boy", onze dekreu in de USA :-)
Hij woont samen met Diana en haar familie in Oakville, WA.
Ze fokt onder de kennel "Apacheridge Ranch".
"Zeus", zoals hij genoemd word,
verwekte tot nu (september 2018) vier nesten met in totaal 48 pups.
Helaas word hij niet op tentoonstellingen getoond, hij zou zeker kansen hebben ..... :-)
Meer foto's van hem en zijn kinderen kun je HIER vinden,
ook links met contact informatie.

"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched. They must be felt with our hearts. To be able to experience just a small token of Zeus’ kindred spirit and distinction, one must gaze into his eyes to feel the dignified spirit of who he really is. Even then, without having him watch over you with bravery and boldness on a cold dark night with his ridgeback alertness and protective thoughts about his companion, it is not possible for another to fully understand the love that surrounds this enchanted one."

"He is without a doubt the absolute best dog I have ever had."