First week

On 27.03.2019 Omnia gave birth to 12 little miracles :-)
7 males and 5 females, the last born correct male was unfortunately stillborn.
Mother and babies are doing well, all have already increased weight today :-)
The average weight at birth was incredible 550gr !!!

Now we are a few days old, we have gained weight, our mom is the BEST, we have already found out. There are a few "others" to help mom, they seem to be fine too. We want to take the time to introduce ourselves individually and to give you some first insights into our lives.

Here are a few more pictures of the first week. Slowly, a little normality returns to the MwS house: Mama takes a short break from us occasionally, the others do admire us,

life can go on like this, with lots of milk and love.

WE'LL BE BACK .......... in week two.

on the way to mom