We don't breed anymore.

This is written by the happy owner of Oakley, a daughter of Sirius.
Sirius is the son of Omnia, who lives as a stud dog
with Diana Lewis (Apacheridge Ranch / AKC) in the USA.
Shouldn't that be a goal of every breeder?
We are very glad to have implemented this breeding goal so well :-)

"Birgit, I am Oakley's owner. We got her from Diana Lewis, and I saw your comment on how much Oakley looks like her grandmother, Omnia. Out of curiosity, I went to your website and saw the pic of Omnia, and couldn't believe how much my Oakley looks like her grandmother !! You were so right !! Anyway, just wanted to drop you a quick note of thanks for breeding such wonderful Ridgebacks, and I am so fortunate that Diana Lewis breeds and raises such top notch dogs, which of course came from your top notch dogs. I can't take Oakley anywhere without getting stopped and asked where I got her, how beautiful she is, etc... All due to the wonderful genetics from your wonderful RR's. But no doubt, Oakley is the spitting image of her grandmother, Omnia. Curious how much Omnia weighs ? Oakley is a big girl. 90 lbs at 21 months old. Have a great day, and tell Omnia her granddaughter Oakley says "hi "


And now I know where Oakley got her size ! Thanks again for raising such special and wonderful Ridgebacks. These are such physically perfect dogs, and equally impressive to their looks, confirmation and size, is the wonderful personality of your dogs. Oakley is the most lovable, goofy ( in a good way ), fun yet athletic dog I have ever been around. She is the fastest non-greyhound I have ever seen. As a veterinarian's son, I have been around thousands of dogs over the years, but none hold a candle to these Ridgebacks. I can't believe how fortunate I was to being put in touch with Diana when I started looking for a Ridgeback puppy. And it all goes back to the breeding from your dogs. Thanks again !!"


07.07.2020 is not only a memorable date, it is our first day as an inactive breeder.
Don't worry, we will of course continue to assist all of our

“puppy people” with help and advice.
All litters, all of our puppies are special to us. The last litter was a little bit more "special", not only because it is our last, but this time we had two mothers:

Querida actively supported Omnia in raising the babies,

even by nursing them.
Every time it was an adventure, every time different… We tried to give the babies the best possible start in life, we tried to find the best possible family for each baby… Every time it was a lot of work, but it was was also a lot of fun.

Every time there was a lot of passion, every time we experienced

and gave a lot of love. It was always a wonderful feeling to look into the eyes

of happy families when they could take THEIR baby home, finally!
We thank all of our "puppy people" for the love you gave and give to our babies.

We thank you for your (also repeated) trust in us as breeders <3
We couldn't be happier; to be able to experience the miracle of birth so often,

to be able to raise these little miracles until they are handed over and to be able

to experience their further lives in their families.
From our breeding we have kept five bitches that live in perfect harmony as a pack with us. There is "Juno" with her three daughters "Noni", "Omnia" and

"Querida" with her daughter "Sophie".