Our cats


Our cats in 2017

And so our cats "survived" the puppies (Litter November 2015):

Fossey and Dawin are two months with us and all of us are very happy with the both :-)
As you can see on the pics they are real members of our family now
and Fossey is not as fearful as in the beginning :-)

We are very glad having both here with us!

Two weeks ago Darwin and Fossey came into our family and there is some nice progress :-)
Darwin is very close to humans, he is relaxed in every situation also with the dogs.
Unforunately Fossey is still fearful but comes near when we are sitting calm on the floor.
She orientates very much on Darwin, she is always around him.
They became a perfect team, eating, playing and sleeping together.
With our patience Fossey will surely trust us some day :-)

Love at first sight
(on these pics I saw them for the first time)